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What Are You Doing With Sugar???

Stop Sugar with Sugar Stop

TruAge body sugar stop is a product designed with AGEs in mind by Morinda. AGEs, or Advanced Glycation End-products, are harmful substances that are created when protein and sugar bind together.

AGEs attact healthy tissue sugar stop


One of the best ways to manage AGEs is through achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

SugarStop_GetRidOfSugarTruAge Body sugar Stop was created to help you lose weight, block the absorption of some sugar and eliminate fat. In fact, it is the first and only weight loss product that uses an exclusive blend of earth’s best ingredients, including white kidney bean extract, to help reduce the body’s absorption of sugar and starch before they’re stored in the body as fat or AGE’s. Truage Body Sugar Stop Clinical Trial proved how it works!

Sugar Stop can be found with different name in different Country (Japan, Rusia, Taiwan, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Australia etc)


SUGAR STOP & AGEs – Sugar Diet

An unhealthy diet, one rich in fat and sugar is an AGE accelerator. Excess sugar stored in the body means more sugar available to bind together with protein, and thus more AGEs. A poor diet can also lead to weight gain, inactivity, unhealthy cholesterol levels, a high BMI and high blood pressure, all of which contributes to high AGE levels.

Sugar Stop’s exclusive blend of earth’s best ingredients includes white kidney bean extract and two different sources of fiber. Together, this potente blend works to reduce the body’s absorption of sugar and starch, helping you lose weight and control AGE’s.


And it’s a filling addition to the TruAge family of Products.

Both of products work perfectly with one another. One complements the other. Sugar Stop blocks the absorption of some complex sugars and starches, and Max disrupts the AGE formation process that’s already happening inside your body.* These two products belong together, and now you can have them both, side by side, in the new TruAge body Sugar Stop Pack. It’s the best way to block sugar and fight AGEs.


  1. The ONLY PRODUCTS for weight loss and AGE management.
  2. Contains White Kidney Bean Extracts to BLOCK up to 40% of SUGAR & STARCH ABSORPTION.
  3. Three sources of fiber to ELIMINATE FAT and waste.
  4. EFFECTIVELY SUPPRESSES APPETITE & may help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  5. Earth’s best ingredients blend helps FIGHT AGEs



TruAge Body Sugar Stop Testimonials


Johnson-64-sugar-stop-testimonyTestimonial 1: “I began drinking Sugar Stop six weeks ago. Each day I drink it with my biggest meal of the day. I have added Sugar Stop to my daily routine of exercise, TruaAge Max and a balanced diet, and the result has been outstanding! During that six-week period I have lost 12 pounds and reduced my waist size by over two inches. I am sleeping better and have more energy. I can play racquetcball again with people half or a third my age, and I take it to them!” – Hal Johnston, 64


Testimonial 2: “I’ve gone down two pant sizes! When I began drinking Sugar Stop, I was wearing a plus-size 16-18. This morning I fit into my size – 14 jeans from a regular department store! I was so excited to finally wear the jeans that have been hanging in y closet for the past three years!” – yazmin, 29


Testimonial 3: “I have used Sugar Stop now for six weeks. The great mango taste is fantastic, it’s low in sugar and calories, and drinking it prior to my biggest meal has helped curb my eating. More importantly, as I have added Sugar Stop to my regimen of regular exercise and healthy diet, I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds and three inches off my waist. This has helped me tremendously playing competitive basketball; I can run faster for longer periods, and I have increased quickness on the court.” – Jason sheen, 40


Sheri-46-sugar-stop-testimonyTestimonial 4: “I’ve been taking Sugar Stop for five weeks, and I lost 11 pounds! It has been so easy to drink it with my dinner because it tastes so good! I used to eat a snack every night because I was so hungry. With Sugar Stop, I feel less hungry. It’s great! I would recommend it to everyone.” – Sheri, 46