Mad rush to the 5-Day Flush

IPCs are LOVING our new Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush! Read on to see what they have to say about it.


At our recent North America Business Summit, Morinda launched the Sugar Stop 5 Day Flush. Instead of boring you with my thoughts on how awesome this product is, I’m simply going to sit back and let IPCs from the East Region share their thoughts with you about it and how they are using it to change, accelerate, and revolutionize the way they do business.

sugar-stop-5-day-flushVenus Escumbise out of Maryland had this to say: “It is going great! The 5 Day Flush has helped expand our customer base. Not only is it a great sales tool to suggest to people, but it has also inspired a new idea that has brought a lot of success for my team. We have created a Facebook page which has helped us get a lot of new leads. The Facebook page is ‘Sugar Stop 30 day challenge.’ On it we have posted stories, testimonials, pictures and information about Sugar Stop. Within the first five days of starting it, we had 300 likes, lots of participants and 1,000 views. This page has been monumental in moving our business forward. Since it had started we have had daily meetings and appointments. The new 5 Day Flush has ignited a fire of new ideas, marketing techniques and a hope of expanding our customer base.”

Robin Olmo from Delaware also mentioned how excited she is for the 5 Day Flush: “It is a game changer. The 5 Day Flush offers people a product that has a good price point. It also is not as intimidating as other things. Because of the smaller lightweight packaging of the 5 Day Flush, I am able to keep it on hand with me at all times. I have some at work, in my car and even in my bags. The 5 Day Flush is a great concept.”

Robin has seen lots of success and has been able to promote it to many people.

Akeem Bouknight from South Carolina said the following: “Me and my team are very excited about the 5 Day Flush. We purchased a lot of the product and within a week or two we had already sold most it! We also noticed from the Flushes we already sold that after five days, most customers have seen desired results. It is then easy to promote a canister of Sugar Stop, or better yet, other products! The 5 Day Flush has notably helped in expanding our customer base.

“We have begun centering a lot of our presentations around Sugar Stop. We begin by describing the concept ‘sugar is bad for you’ by simply describing the negative effects of sugar on the body. Then we ask the question, ‘How are you managing your sugar intake?’  We have seen a lot of success with using this technique. People can understand and see how the Sugar Stop can benefit their lives.”

And finally, Jabari Parker from Georgia noted: “I have been waiting two years for a product like this to come out, you can even ask my wife! I am very excited! Many people need a low entry purchase in order to enter into the business. Something that is less expensive with a quick experience that will help them see and feel the benefits. It is an ‘entry ramp’ to the company and creates an environment in which it is easy to promote other products. People needed to experience something, something that would help them see how it can benefit them. A lot of people have fear, and the 5 Day Flush helps eliminates that fear by breaking down the barriers.

“We recently went to a family gathering and took the 5 Day Flush with us. Prior to this product, I only had a little success in promoting our products to them. However, as I told my sister and my niece about the Sugar Stop, I told them that they could simply try it out for five days and see how it worked for them. My 16-year-old niece was so excited to hear about the product. In fact, so much so that immediately afterward she called her friends and gave them the sales pitch. Then after that, she texted everyone else in her phone with the sales pitch. Anyone can sell and/or give a sales pitch for Sugar Stop, it is simple to explain and to understand. A lot of my niece’s friends have bought the product and have introduced it their family members. There is a storm and anticipation for this product, I can’t keep it on hand!”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to load up on 5 Day Flushes. As you can see, it’s going like gangbusters. Use some of the ideas that these IPCs have shared with us. I love that it is creating DAILY activity! People carry it with them wherever they go, and are generating leads and customers faster than ever before.