Introducing Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush

Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush

Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush is a great new way to convert contacts to the TruAge Core and Morinda’s business opportunity

Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush is not a mere sample package for Sugar Stop. Instead, it’s a way of converting leads to customers, finding potential business builders, and creating increased income.

Let me explain.

Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush contains a five-day supply of Sugar Stop, but don’t confuse this for the Sugar Stop Sample Sticks given out at events. Trying a small free sample of Sugar Stop at a scanning booth or event doesn’t let people see any results. This also isn’t a simple five-day cleanse. The incredible benefits of Sugar Stop can and should be experienced every day, and Sugar Stop 5-Day Cleanse is a way for people to experience those benefits for themselves with minimal commitment up front.

Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush is part of Morinda’s new entry point-to-conversion system, which we will tell you much more about on the blog very soon. It’s a means of leading a new contact all the way to being a full-fledged business builder, and it starts with Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush. Because this is only a five day’s supply of Sugar Stop, it’s a less expensive way of someone trying out the product for themselves. After all, a new contact may be hesitant to buy a full canister of Sugar Stop without trying it.

The goal is for the customer to purchase and use Sugar Stop 5-Day Flush, and experience the benefits that come with it. Once they start to notice results, it’s then time to follow up and sell them full canisters of Sugar Stop, which then leads to them trying other TruAge Core products, which then leads to them being on AutoShip.

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