Dr. Rodney Oberdorf, Sugar Stop Testimony

Dr. Rodney Oberdorf
Dr. Rodney Oberdorf

“I am a 41-year old single father of two beautiful children. My children helped me stay consistent, persistent and focused on my goals to beat obesity. We are living a healthy lifestyle together.”

My Story About Sugar Stop

In 1995, I was involved in an automobile accident that caused severe injuries to my body. As a result, I was unable to continue exercising and eventually began putting on the pounds at a rapid pace. Then, in 2007, my son suffered a near drowning and I experienced a lot of depression as a result. This led to me gaining even more weight and I eventually became morbidly obese. In the beginning of 2012, fat made up more than half of my total body weight. This was hard for me. I just continued to let my weight and my health go. I had watched prior participants in the Morinda FIT Challenge when it was around and was so impressed that they were able to achieve such awesome success. However, even with these incredible stories right in front of me, I still didn’t have the desire to commit to be fit. It wasn’t until I celebrated my 41st birthday that I realized how bad my health had really become. I found myself very winded just from taking out the trash. It was really a struggle just to make it through the day without being exhausted and without feeling overexerted. Eventually, my 16-year old daughter, Sammy became concerned with my personal health. I am forever grateful to her for doing so. We had a long heart-to-heart conversation. She had endured the pain of watching her brother suffer through the drowning and through a myriad of other health problems. This evolved into her being more proactive in my life. She felt that I was so obese and struggling to breathe so much, that I was essentially drowning myself. I wanted to just make more excuses for my situation; but couldn’t do so as I saw so much sincerity in Sammy’s words. Her love and courage to confront the issue inspired me to make lifestyle changes. I promised her that I would do something about my health immediately. I promised her that I would start my battle against obesity. This heart-to-heart conversation with Sammy was my biggest motivator in changing my lifestyle. I knew that the Morinda program was the best system for me to WIN my battle. I started the 90-day challenge on January 7th, 2012. I found the Morinda products to be delicious and I noticed that my appetite was curbed. I started losing weight immediately. By the end of my first 90-day challenge; I had lost 12 inches from my waist alone! Not only that, but I had lost nearly 40 pounds and had reduced my total body fat in half! I felt energized and renewed! Along with taking the TruAge beverages, I found myself pain free and full of hope. It was so rewarding to hear others say that I was looking ‘great’. Today, I have a bright future as Morinda has given me a second chance at life I can’t wait to experience it. My attitude has completely changed. I have so much more energy and a determination like never before. I was able to win one of the company’s FIT Challenge competitions. This was so rewarding and one of my greatest accomplishments knowing that thousands of other people entered as well. My self-esteem has been boosted and it’s a humbling experience when my patients and friends tell me that I look great. I’m thankful Morinda is allowing me a second chance at life. Because of my life-transforming experience, I can now inspire others to take on themselves. I can better serve my patients by setting an example for them to follow. And, most importantly, I now look forward to the day when I will be walking my daughter down the aisle on her special day.

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