Ana Breton, Sugar Stop Testimony

Ana Breton – Sugar Stop Testimony
ana-breton-sugar-stop-testimony“In just six weeks of using Sugar Stop and taking part in the clinical trial, I have lost 18.4 pounds!”

I’m participating in the 12 week Sugar Stop Program. In our first meeting, I was asked two questions: Why do you want to lose weight? My answer was, “My daughter’s wedding will be in July and I want to lose weight.” And the second question was, “What is your 12 week goal?” My answer was, “I want to lose 25 pounds”. I decided to do ALL the points that they suggested to be able to lose those pounds. So I started my journey remembering some of the words my daughter had told me a week before: “If you do something for three weeks it will become a habit.” Since that first meeting I realized I needed to change my habits. I started counting calories, exercising 3-4 times a week and drinking TruAge Sugar Stop. From day one, I started exercising for an hour every day, strictly counting calories and eating five smaller meals a day. I drink Sugar Stop every day before lunch, which is currently my biggest meal and the rest of the day I do not have cravings. In just six weeks of using Sugar Stop and taking part in the clinical trial, I have lost 18.4 pounds! I feel incredibly good; full of energy and very strong and committed to continue with the program. I know that I’ll not only achieve my goal, but I will overcome my overweight problems and more! I’m sure I will surprise everybody when I finish my 12-week challenge.

Can you afford to pass up on results like that? Try Sugar Stop today!


This Halloween, beware of “sugar sag”

candy-sugar-stopHalloween and an overabundance of sweets are synonymous, but all those sweets could lead a truly scary situation – aging skin – according to a Scientific American article titled “Trick or treat … and wrinkles?”

Julianne Wyrick, the author of the article, wrote:

“Mothers across the nation will likely be warning their costume-clad youngsters that they’ll ‘feel sick’ if they eat too much of the candy they collect tonight [on Halloween]. What they may not mention is that foods that raise blood sugar can also cause wrinkles, an effect dermatologist Rajani Katta calls ‘sugar sag.’”

This sugar sag, Wyrick wrote, can occur when elevated blood sugar levels cause the skin to lose elasticity. She noted that although elasticity inevitably lessens as a person ages, foods that raise blood sugar can speed up the loss:

“Physicians have long known that the effects of high blood sugar in diabetics can promote premature aging of the skin, Katta explained via email.

‘In recent years, though, there’s been more of an awareness among physicians that these effects can occur even in those without diabetes,’ said Katta.

High blood sugar promotes the cross-linking of collagen fibers in the skin through a process called glycation, which results in the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). As these AGEs build up, the skin undergoes structural changes that lead to decreased elasticity and greater stiffness.”

However, this is not an issue that is unique to Halloween candy. Wyrick noted that soda, white bread and fried foods are among the other substances that can lead to the formation of AGEs, which in turn damage collagen in the skin.

In order to prevent the aforementioned sugar sag, Katta suggested cutting down on foods that already contain AGEs (such as barbecued or fried food), while instead consuming fruits and vegetables. She also recommended drinking green tea and using spices and herbs (such as cinnamon, rosemary, cloves and ginger), which she said have been shown to inhibit glycation.

So, while you can still enjoy some delicious treats this Halloween, make sure to also make healthy dietary choices going forward!

Article taken from AGE Foundation dot com


Another Sugar Stop Testimonial – Sugar Stop Clinical Trial

Yet another family is getting healthier and being brought closer together thanks to our clinical trial!

Since we launched TruAge Body Sugar Stop this past January, there has been a remarkable excitement for this new product, which blocks the absorption of excess sugar before it can form Advanced Glycation End-products or fat in the body. The reception it’s gotten from the people that have taken it has been tremendous, and the results are downright eye-popping.

We’ve been sharing some of those results with you via our series of blogs highlighting the Sugar Stop clinical trial. This 12-week program has been transforming people’s lives for the better, and we’re excited to see the final results when the time comes. But we’ve already seen fantastic results, like with the DeAlba family.

Another family that’s benefitting greatly from this trial is the Batty family. Elizabeth Batty is a 47-year-old Morinda employee who is participating in the clinical trial along with her 50-year-old husband and 24-year-old daughter.

Not only has the sugar stop clinical trial been improving their health, but much like with the DeAlba family, it has also brought them closer together as a family. It’s an unexpected benefit, but a really cool one! Maybe when we list Sugar Stop’s benefits on its packaging, we’ll have to add how it encourages families to support each other and spend more time together.

But let’s hear all about this in Elizabeth’s own words:


“Living a healthy lifestyle is a daily and constant state of mind. It is not easy, yet takes all the mind and body’s best effort to convince yourself that changes are necessary to feel physically and mentally better.

My husband, daughter and myself made the decision to participate in the Sugar Stop clinical trial. This has been so far a great choice. All three of us working together, we motivate and help each other when one does not feel like making the best choices. We help each other to reach our goals.

We take our daily dose of Max (sometimes more than once a day), and we drink our Sugar Stop before our dinner and sometimes at lunchtime if we are having a lighter meal later.

Together in this sugar stop clinical trial, we have lost 38 pounds so far! That has been a huge accomplishment for our family and we are so proud of each other for getting in better health and feeling much better about the things we can accomplish together.
Working as a family, we have to rely on each other. It is easier to get to the gym, and avoid making easy choices like eating out instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. Going grocery shopping is a family affair, and we all have a say on what is best to get and what to avoid.

Vegetables are always part of our meals (even at breakfast time) and we eat fruits throughout the day. We choose more lean meats and eat beef very few times a month. In general, with the combination of Sugar Stop and Max, as well as a healthy diet and exercise, it is possible to work on getting healthier.

We are motivating others to follow our example, and that is a great feeling to know that we could be inspiring others to see what they can also do to better their health.”

The sugar stop clinical trial’s success certainly isn’t anything new or unexpected; an earlier Sugar Stop clinical trial that took place before the product’s official launch saw its 18 participants lower their TruAge by an average of seven years and lower their weight by an average of 22 pounds. Can you afford to pass up on results like that? Try Sugar Stop today!


Family Experiences of TruAge Body Sugar Stop


Morinda’s TruAge Body Sugar Stop clinical trials have transformed the DeAlba family

A year ago, she was told she was so unhealthy that she might die. Patricia DeAlba, the mother of a son and daughter that work for Morinda, was in trouble.

A year later, Patricia is one of 40 participants in the TruAge Body Sugar Stop clinical trial that Morinda is conducting (read more about the trial here). It’s a 12-week program to lower the participants’ Advanced Glycation End-product levels, as well as help them lose weight and improve their overall health.

As part of the clinical trial, the participants are asked to use TruAge Body Sugar Stop and Max each day. Sugar Stop blocks the body’s absorption of excess sugar before it can bind with protein to form AGEs, while Max contains iridoids, which are phytonutrients that lower AGEs in the body. The participants are also encouraged to live a TruAge lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

SugarStop_BeforeAfter2The 54-year-old Patricia is participating in the trial with two daughters, Paola and Gabriela. Paola has a wedding coming up, and her fiancé Tuy is also participating in the Sugar Stop trial. Paola, Gabriela and Tuy have lost an average of 22 pounds each so far.

But while this TruAge Body Sugar Stop clinical trial started on February 12, Patricia actually started using TruAge Body Sugar Stop back in October – before its official launch in January – as part of an earlier clinical trial. Participants in that three-month trial lowered their TruAge by an average of seven years.

Patricia has gone through a remarkable transformation since then, and submitted the following testimonial to us:

“In February of 2013 I went to my yearly medical examination, and after seeing my results, the doctor asked me if I was married. I thought it to be an odd question given the situation, but I told him yes. The doctor then told me to have my husband buy a coffin for me because all my results were in high alert. I was so afraid. My sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides – all of it was super high. I was basically a ticking bomb.

When I asked my husband ‘What would you do if I died?’ he told me that I was not going to die. My children told me many times to go out and walk. My son encouraged me to walk at least three miles so I could fulfill my dream to reach the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah, but I didn’t even walk to the corner of my street. He continued to bring me Tahitian Noni Juice, but I seldom drank it. My daughters invited me to the gym. I just sat in the Jacuzzi, not doing anything. After that appointment with the doctor, I started to realize that I needed to do something to be healthy.

I saw my granddaughter being born, and it was because of the love I feel for my family that I started to walk a bit every day. In October my daughter Paola invited me to participate in a study to lose weight using a Morinda product, and I liked the idea. I started with the motivation of my children and the desire to see my granddaughters grow. I weighed 252 pounds, and I set the goal to lose two pounds every week. Following the regimen Morinda recommended – exercising and taking TruAge Body Sugar Stop and Max daily – I have lost a lot of weight and I feel much better. I feel agile, healthy, active. I have managed to walk five miles with no exhaustion. In January I weighed 215 pounds, and now I’m at 208.4 pounds. I have maintained my diet and I have traveled twice to Mexico, enjoying traditional foods but with moderation.

patricia-sugar-stop-testimonyI came back to the doctor and he reviewed my analysis and said, ‘I think I was too tough on you last year, but it was necessary that you took conscience of what you were doing for your health.’ I thank him and I thank Morinda for helping me realize my goal of losing weight and being healthy. In February I walked to the Delicate Arch with my family and friends, and I was the one who got there first. I don’t know if my children allowed me to get there first to make me feel better, but it was still an accomplishment to me. I did it! I have strengthened my relationship with my family by spending activity time with them and they are very happy to see me active.

I have lowered my insulin intake levels because of my exercise. My medication for diabetes, hypertension and triglycerides is also lowering, yet I continue to take it to keep healthy. I take Max and Sugar Stop daily and I take care of the food I consume while making sure to exercise every day.

I’m still working hard on my health and there is much to do and more weight to lose to be optimal with my health and to feel better physically and emotionally. I love life and my family. For that reason I want to be healthy to live younger, longer with them. I’m very grateful with Morinda for giving me this opportunity and for helping me reach my health goal.”

Way to go Patricia! We love to see peoples’ lives change for the better because of our products and because they have changed their way of life. You too can improve your health and quality of life, even if it may seem daunting. Find the right Morinda products for you today!